29 August 2014

Royal Jewel News: Princesses, Tiaras, and More

We're still on hiatus from our normal weekly roundup of royal jewel news -- events are due to slowly start ramping up again next week, so fingers crossed that we'll have lots of sparkle and glitter to discuss then! In the meantime, I thought you'd all enjoy a collection of stories about royal jewels that have been making the rounds this week. Happy reading!

New Info on Máxima's Tiara

Dutch writer Eric Schoonhoven has posted new information about the magnificent sapphire and diamond tiara worn by Queen Máxima at her husband's inauguration in 2013. Although the piece was often attributed to Mellerio, maker of one of the family's ruby sets, Schoonhoven writes that gemologist George Hamel believes it was actually made by the Dutch jeweler Maison van der Stichel.

28 August 2014

"Princess Diana: Her Life in Jewels" (2007)

It's movie day, class: grab some snacks, get comfy, and enjoy a bit of glittering royal video! Today we're featuring a 2007 episode of the CBC news series The Passionate Eye: "Princess Diana: Her Life in Jewels." The documentary features film of the late princess wearing her gems, plus interviews from journalists like Suzy Menkes.

Alas, not every documentary feature is 100% accurate, and this one includes some mistakes amid all of the sparkling footage. Can you spot the errors? Let us know in the comments below!

27 August 2014

The Top Ten: Princess Diana's Jewels

This time of year, a somber anniversary echoes in the minds of many royal watchers: that of the untimely and tragic death of Diana, Princess of Wales. Mother of one future king and grandmother of another, Diana's memory still looms large over the royal landscape. But while there are many sad chapters of Diana's story, today I thought it would be much more fun to survey some of the sparklier aspects of her royal life.

Here are my top ten favorite pieces from Diana's royal jewelry box -- be sure to chime in with your own list in the comments below

10. The Swan Lake Necklace

Diana's last official engagement before her death was a trip to the Royal Albert Hall to see Swan Lake. For the performance, she wore a necklace that Garrard had designed with her input. Garrard later added matching earrings (never worn by Diana), also made of diamonds and pearls, to the necklace; the suite was sold after Diana's death to a private collector.