19 April 2014

Saturday Sparkler: Princess Anne's Festoon Tiara

The British royal family has an incredible wide array of jewels. Beyond the pieces owned and worn by the reigning queen, many of the other Windsor women have impressive jewelry collections of their own. Today's tiara is one of several owned by the Princess Royal: her diamond festoon tiara.

As the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, Anne is a hardworking and significant member of the royal family. And as such, she needs quite a few tiaras in her arsenal for the state events she attends. While Anne’s two other major tiaras — the diamond meander tiara of Alice of Battenberg and the aquamarine pineflower tiara that belonged to the Queen Mum — were legacies from her grandmothers, the diamond festoon is a newer piece. It was given to Anne in 1973, the same year that she married her first husband, Mark Phillips. But it wasn’t a wedding present; it was given to the princess by the World-Wide Shipping Group, a Hong Kong firm, after she christened one of their ships.

18 April 2014

This Week in Royal Jewels: April 11-17, 2014

Royal tour of New Zealand and Australia aside, it's been a bit of a quiet week for royal jewels. Enjoy this selection of the sparkling stories we did get to see!

Prince Ernst August of Hanover, son of the current head of the house, presented the Royal Crown of Hanover at Schloss Marienburg on Friday. This year marks the 300th anniversary of the establishment of the former personal union between the crowns of Hanover and Britain, a milestone that will be observed with various celebrations this summer.